Our history

The family, as well as a group, of Davide Rossi’s jesters, was born eight generations ago.

It might be strange, but it’s true.

In fact, through documentations handed down over the years, we managed to trace the direct descendant of David.

He was Ser Diego Rossi from Asti. In 1750, he moved from court to court, animating banquets with his art. He was what today is called a jester.

Therefore, we decided to re-adapt in a mediaeval way what our origins tell us.

For so many years, we performed in the best medieval events, organized throughout the national and international territory,

Our purpose is to bring back to the present days what happened a long time ago.

Our specific idea is to excite and entertain with games of fire, balancing of swords, juggling and much more.

It is a precise choice, that allows us to have a special relationship with our audience.

Once, someone said: “Choose a job you love: you won’t have to work even one day in your life”. This is what distinguishes us.

In every our different shows, we offer moments of serenity, fun but also of suspense and expectation.


Our history through images

Davide Rossi